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I've done a bit of research on this (as I've just convinced my dad to buy a Mac), but haven't tried it. My understanding is that the PC version and the Mac version are file compatible. You just copy the data file straight from the PC to the Mac. In my research I did find two warnings:.

The Mac needs to be using Account Edge to open all but very basic files (as First Edge doesn't support many of the features commonly found in the PC version); and. When copying the data file from a Mac to a PC, you may have to manually add the file extension to get the PC version of MYOB to open the data file.

I did the transfer from MYOB 15 to Account Edge about 6 months ago. The file transfer bit is too easy, but the grief comes with their bloody file registration process! Each version has different serial numbers, which are embedded into the system, and users can't touch them. You need to send the files to MYOB to get the transfer done, and they try to charge you for that! After I pointed out that the want to charge me from going from one registered version of their product to another registered version of their product, they agreed to do it for nothing.

All I did was copy the myob folder onto a back up drive, put it on the mac, opened it, got an error, moved the company file away from the other files, opened it again and it work - so essentially all you need is the company file - and you might want to import, or add in your templates again! How long ago was this? The current software protection in V15 and Account Edge does not allow for simple copying. The protection is inexorably linked to your serial number, and you cannot verify a file created on a copy with s/n 001 on a system using a copy with s/n 002.

At least I couldn't, and they needed my files to edit them.

Our MYOB 14.dat file is crashing. We suspect a corrupt entry in the database. The file will open but as soon as we trying to do anything the program closes and produces the following error: MYOB must terminate. Termination Code 1284 Important Details: Error -3000 in DMGTEKey (5037:7000:69) Seems to be the same error every time. We have tried running MYOB's Verify and Optimise tools with no luck.

Each time either tool is run the program crashes and displays the error: An error occurred while attempting to compact the database. DM Error = (-3000-5049-7000-158) Restoring from a backup is not an option as last backup was 3 months ago. So looking for solutions to fix the current file please.

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Will not be satisfied if the solution is to take it to MYOB. Need someone who can actually dig around inside the file and correct the errors?? Apr 25, 2010.